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Spanish, Portuguese & Southern Mediterranean Tapas

Food & Drinks

Unfortunately due to the current social distancing measure in place, we are unable to provide our full menu and restaurant meal experience that we’re so well known for.

HOWEVER, we do have a limited menu of our house classics, some pop-up Sunday roast dinners, a fully stocked bar, and a fresh food takeaway offering for you to still enjoy.


We appreciate your interest and custom, now more so than ever. 

Thank you

Harry & the L’al Churrasco team   

L’al Christmas Menu

This is our Christmas 2020 Menu

L’al Christmas Menu

L’al @ Home menu

A fresh, seasonal and restaurant standard offering to enjoy at home

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Drinks Menu

Wine from The Porterage, Greenodd.
Exclusive cocktails, Beers, Ciders & Chuppitos (Shots)!

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